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Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are defined by there honeycomb shape and cellular construction. They are also commonly called "cellular shades" as well as "duette shades" and are made of polyester fabric. With a wide array of fabrics, pleat sizes, colors and textures, honeycomb shades enhance any decor with a soft and warm feel. Honeycomb shades are soft yet durable and are distinguished by a crisp, clean simple style. Honeycomb shades are known for their insulating values and will greatly improve the energy effecientcly of your home.

The size of the cell itself varies from as small as 3/8" to as big as 3/4". It really depends on what looks best to you. Larger pleats, such as our ¾" cell shades are most commonly used in larger windows while the 3/8" cell shades will be perfect for a small to mid-size window. Single cell or double cell construction is also a choice. The single cell construction will weigh less, so for large windows, this may be your best choice. The double cell construction will provide better insulation. Our best selling product by far is the 3/8" double cell. When deciding which product will work best, also consider the opaqueness or light level. Light filtering cellular shades allow light to gently filter through the shade, which actually gives your room a very warm and cozy feel while still provide privacy. Blackout shades will provide the most light blockage possible. These shades are ideal for east facing bedrooms and media rooms, where complete darkness is the desired effect.

Please ask about available options such as top down buttom up, day-night shades, one rise continous cord loops, and motorization.




With every shutter order
you get 1 temp shade
per window at no charge.

Giving you instant privacy, security and shading while your shutters are being custom made for your home.

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